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Welcome to the former home of the Sore Eyes weblog, which I maintained at this site until moving it to soreeyes.org towards the end of 2002.

I've recently moved the soreeyes.org domain to a new web host, and am in the process of tidying up and slightly reorganising the site. In due course I'll probably start putting up new, non-weblog content here, but I want to start out by preserving the content from the first couple of years of the weblog at their original host.

I have no doubt that what with the pages hosted here being weblog entries from the first couple of years of this century many of the links I posted will have fallen foul of linkrot and may only take you to the content I was seeing at the time. My take on this is that the posts I'm displaying here reflect what I posted about back then: I'm not averse to the idea of updating links if I find that a site I linked to has moved, but I'm not planning on spending a lot of time tracking down which links are still current.

At the moment (i.e. as of the afternoon on Friday 22 January 2016) soreeyes.org itself is down, pending a move of that domain over to my new web host. I may rant at length about why the site is down, and how my soon-to-be former web host's inability to do what they said they would prompted me to make this move, at some future date. (On the other hand I may not, because my blood pressure is quite high enough without going into the gory details?)

For now, please be assured that there will be new content both here and at soreeyes.org in the fairly near future.

John Robinson

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